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March FREE Big Red Sponge Deal!

By Rob Regan on Mar 10, 2019

Our March special is a free Big Red Sponge with a $50 or more order.


TowelPros Microfiber Special Deal Alert!

By Rob Regan on Feb 11, 2019

The Metro Vac Sidekick from $75 plus shipping! This is lower than Walmart's price and you support a small family business! Check out the video.


TowelPros Microfiber Special Deal Alert for February!

By Rob Regan on Feb 05, 2019

This month, we showcase the Foam Cannon (used with pressure washer). This foam cannon comes FREE with an order of $120 or more before shipping (our rate is a flat $12).

This model is sold online for $79.99, but not from TowelPros! It's solid and we have tested it for about 5 months with no issues.

Also this month, we have a new nitrile work glove that is textured on the outside for better grip and much better tear resistant vs. the standard blue surgical gloves. We are adding a FREE pair to any order. Safety first! Thank you and don't forget to subscribe to our YOUTUBE Channel. Videos go there first!

Rob Regan



TowelPros Microfiber Special Deal Alert!

By Rob Regan on Jan 04, 2019

Rob has a new video:

It demonstrates the $25 for $25 deal! A great way to get some free towels. Good through January! Thank you for a great 2018.


TowelPros Has NEW Shipping RATES!

By Rob Regan on Jul 26, 2018

TowelPros has NEW $12 flat rate shipping on ANY ORDER!


TowelPros Microfiber Expands with two national shipping centers!

By Rob Regan on Jun 19, 2018 in TowelPros News

TowelPros Microfiber has added 2 locations in the United States to help expedite and lower the cost for shipping to its many customers. Beginning July 1, TowelPros Microfiber is shipping from CAL, Texas, and New Jersey.


Black and Red Microfiber Paint Towel

By Rob Regan on Apr 20, 2018 in TowelPros News

Our newest towel just off the boat! This is a 16x16" paint towel and the color scheme resembles MANY auto detail logo color designs! Black with Red trim! 70/30 blend. $2.00 per towel for a limited time while it's a "new" item.


Auto Detailing TowelPros Banner for your detail shop or garage!

By Rob Regan on Mar 28, 2018 in TowelPros News

TowelPros is happy to supply our customers with a professional TowelPros Banner for your auto detailing shop. Our banners are $25, shipped in the U.S., or FREE to existing and regular customers. You just have to ask Rob for a banner. Customer service is #1 goal. Thanks, Rob


When your Microfiber Towels do NOT absorb any longer...

By Rob Regan on Mar 27, 2018 in TowelPros News

Drying towels not drying? Try this! We've long been frustrated by drying towels that after months or so, seem to push the water or product, rather than absorb.


How to wash a dirty car with almost no water!

By Rob Regan on Oct 05, 2017 in TowelPros News

Watch our most recent video on detailing your car with our microfiber towels!



As a shop owner, I highly recommended them. Rob has some really informative videos that I checked out on his website prior to purchasing towels. Sometimes decisions can be tough sight unseen but his videos are definitely worth the time you take to watch them. His towels and prices more than reasonable being a professional shop I ordered them in bulk. Packaging and quality is excellent I am more than happy with the purchase that I made. Even the budget towels are better quality than the ones you get at the big box wholesale stores everything has a purpose and those towels are now limited to wheels the more one time use areas on cars like rockers and once we're done with wheels and rockers we use them for clean up rags after we're done. All the premium stuff we purchased at towel Pros gets taken care of separately with much greater care. I primarily purchased paint towels and glass towels. They are of exceptional quality the long pile edgeless light blue works phenomenal for ceramic coatings final buff. The 380gsm is our first leveling and buff towel. Glass towels leave steak free finish. The many color combinations available allowed me to order dedicated colors for dedicated functions never risking cross contamination of products with towels, every color has a specific job. I'm just been exceptionally helpful and ships out extremely fast. Impressive service like this will definitely want repeat business as well as my recommending him to any other professional. He is quick to reply to a question, if not by phone by email or text. If you happen to be in New Jersey I have a very good stock that I am willing to resell some of. Laz, Monster Coatings 973-983-7662.
- Laz K.
Monster Coatings

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