How to wash a dirty car with almost no water!

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How to wash a dirty car with almost no water!

By Rob Regan on Oct 05, 2017 in TowelPros News

Watch our most recent video on detailing your car with our microfiber towels!


These towels are amazing as they have multiple uses, they are great with ONR (Optimum No Rinse), great for removing detailing products, good for removing compounds, polish and wax. They are edgeless so you don't have to worry about the edges scratching your paint. The two sides of the towels have a little different plush which is great as you can use one side to wipe your detailing spray and then use the other side to buff it out. The service at Towel Pros is off the charts and something you rarely see in this day and age, Rob went above and beyond in answering my thousand and one questions so I was sure I was getting the right towels for my current needs. It is great to still see companies out there that truly care about customers service and quality products. Towel Pros will be the only place I purchase my detailing microfiber from now as the towels are top notch, the customer service is beyond amazing and the price can't be beat. If you are on the fence thinking about g etting your towels from Towel Pros stop all the searching around and place your order you will not be disappointed and once you get your order you will be asking yourself why you didn't do it sooner and will be wishing you found Towel Pros sooner. Hands down the best place out there to get your detailing microfiber towels from for too many reasons to list, but a few that top my list is you will not find better customer service, best prices by far and the towels are top notch!!
Jason G

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