TowelPros Has NEW Shipping RATES!

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TowelPros Has NEW Shipping RATES!

By Rob Regan on Jul 26, 2018

Dear customers- We have changed our shipping methods once again. We continue to try and give you the best and fastest service. We are NOT Amazon, our owner recycles his boxes, ships, sweeps the floors, and packs orders with his kids. ;)

Starting today, there are 3 choices when you order:
USPS 1st class- under 14oz
USPS Priority
And... $12! That's it! We will make the decision of Fed X or UPS. The larger the order, the better the deal for you. ALL orders are still processed from CA, TX, and Jersey.

Thank you- Robert Regan and family


Can’t beat Towel Pros’ pricing AND service! I’ve placed 4 orders with Rob and Towel Pros. Three of them have been in the past two months. Every order was ha does and shopped promptly and each one had some freebies grown in. Rob has been great about answering any questions I’ve had along the way as well can’t beat great customer service AND great pricing!
John H

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