New Bulk Pricing with FREE SHIPPING!

Rob's Thoughts

New Bulk Pricing with FREE SHIPPING!

By Rob Regan on Aug 10, 2017 in TowelPros News

Detailing Fans!

We now have a page for bulk pricing that includes shipping.

You can find Bulk Pricing here.


I have looked into many companies that sell microfiber towels and purchased from a number of them to compare and contrast the value the microfiber towel provides in terms of quality and cost. In my view Towel Pros provides the best value to the consumer for the microfiber towels they sell. Couple that with some amazing customer service and a personal touch to stay in contact with their clients, you would be very hard pressed to find a better choice. Rob certainly goes the extra mile and it is no surprise to see more and more people recommending Towel Pros over others at a very reasonable (affordable) cost. Thanks Rob and Susan for providing such a great option in the maze of companies selling microfiber towels!

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