China or Korea Microfiber? Whats the deal?

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China or Korea Microfiber? Whats the deal?

By Rob Regan on Oct 05, 2017 in TowelPros News

This has been a LONG standing question in the auto detail industry going back to the origins of microfiber. I prefer to say, “Going back to Costco selling microfiber.”

China took a hit with its rep and ability to produce quality microfiber around this time. Customers associated the quality being subpar when compared to Korean MF due to the low cost of towels being offered at discount stores.

I remember asking the same deal, “Are your towels from China or Korea?” As my business grew, and I began to actually have a plant in China make/produce towels to MY specs, not big store requirements, I could not find a difference in quality or longevity of the towels. Thus, I began to ask, “What is the difference and why does price usually seem higher from Korea.?”

I interviewed a factory owner in China and was told 2 specific reasons regarding what she called, “A myth in microfiber.” My video explanation is here:


Second order came in and I’m super happy with how the 800 feels! Also thanks again for my grey waffle, or I should say my wife says thanks to her new towel lol and kudos on the micro mitt again. Those things are super handy!! Hope to order again soon and thanks for being a better company for all my detailing towels!!!
Kyle W

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