Microfiber Paint Towels

Microfiber Paint Towels

TowelPros' Microfiber Paint Towels

Our Most Popular Microfiber Paint Towel!

Our Most Popular Microfiber Paint Towel2

Blue with red satin edge. This is a 380g towel. Double loop so one side plush and other is lower nap. It's soft! 70/30 blend. Size: 16x24"

Green with red edge and yellow with black edge also available. All three constructed the same and same price.

A Close Second in Microfiber Paint Towel Sales and Catching...

Close Second in Microfiber Paint Towel Sales

The VERY, bath like quality, soft EDGELESS and TAGLESS towel. This is a 450g and reminds me of shag carpeting. It's the towel that we now use with ONR in washing. Size is 16x16". It has been compared to other elite edgeless towels, but not necessarily the price.

Black and White Microfiber Paint Towels  

Black and White Paint Towels

White or Black?

Both 16 x 16" and edgeless.

Towels are 380g. Lower nap than the blue and red above.

Comes with no tags as well. 

Our Microfiber "Fingers" Wash Mitt

Microfiber "Fingers" Wash Mitt Paint Towels

Very soft, light and fluffy. Has cuff, but most detailers seem to just put a hand on the top of one side. Its long caterpillar-like microfiber absorbs soap and shampoo easily and disperse it over vehicles surfaces evenly. Use a wet mitt to clean cars, trucks, vans, SUVs, RVs, boats and outdoor equipment effectively, or use a dry mitt to un-dust hard to reach area quickly. Super soft chenille works on all vehicles surface. 12" L x 8" W, elastic cuff fits any size of hand. Machine washable.


Love the Towels and the Customer service, from communication to shipping confirmations in a timely manner!

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