Microfiber Auto Home Towels

All Purpose Microfiber Towels

Microfiber Auto and Home Towels: All Purpose

Most detailers and ESPECIALLY those with employees, must use a color system to save the expensive towels from wheel cleaning!

We offer multi-color towel packs as well as a variety of colors for many uses.

All Purpose Microfiber Auto Detailing Towels

A few uses are:

  • interior cleaning
  • home dusting and cleaning
  • ceramic coating towel
  • wheel cleaning
  • door jamb and bumper cleaning
  • furniture dusting

These are all 16x16" towels. They are 380gsm and 70/30 blend. These are available on our bulk "free shipping" page as well. 


I was previously buying from another company that had quality towels but hefty price tags and only cared about quantity over quality. Quality Customer service and “getting what you paid for” is what I look for and Towel Pros have it! Placed an order on a Friday night around 10pm ET and Rob had commented on a post from Facebook about 15 Minutes later saying he was packing the order that instant and it would be shipped the next day. The Towels showed up Monday afternoon and I was super impressed with the quality of the towels. The “extras” in the package were an added plus to boot. I was so happy with the quality, price, customer service, shipping speed and overall experience that I ordered more towels (after convincing my wife) a couple of days later. This time there was a new extra in the bag, since rob and I had talked some more on Facebook about convincing my wife to let me order more. It was a waffle weave towel that my wife has rightfully claimed and I’m ok with that. I’m happy to finally get affordable, quality, non box store towels from a small business that cares about its customers and products. Towel pros is my new go to source for quality microfiber! Towels pictured are the gold edge less, 800gsm super towel, large waffle weave, true glass towels, microfiber mitts, and medium gray waffle weave.
Kyle W

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