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About Rob Regan Microfiber Towel Purveyor
Rob Regan, Owner

We realize there are MANY sources for microfiber towels these days.

We actually began with detailing around '95. Rob was in his first summer break as a teacher, but could never sit still- he still does not use a desk at school and keeps the kids busy with medicine balls during class (elementary school). Years later, he still owns a successful detailing operation, run by a partner, and ventured from an online store to pretty much focusing on towels. It's something he can control. :)

Rob buys in increments of 5000 from overseas and sells thousands of towels per year. Cost to customer is like buying microfiber towels wholesale PER towel. Some customers are chemical companies, but most are auto detailers. His towels have touched Monterey cars, Barrett Jackson Auction vehicles, and his mom's - she does ONR washing at home at the young age of 74.

Since 2006, TowelPros has focused on towels that help the user either make money, or make the job easier. Microfiber towels for cars or microfiber kitchen towels, they have them! Towelpros keeps its overhead to a minimum, buys in large quantity, picks up bulk when a competitor does not pay for the full container, and employs the family!

Our Microfiber Towel Team

  • Susan sends invoices, orders supplies, responds to emails and makes calls.
  • The boys take and edit photos, produce videos, and help ship.
  • The young girly says to keep things out of her way so that she can practice dancing.
  • Rob keeps inventory rolling and communicates with the factories and customers.

Come and see for yourself. An order from our business is more personal than the larger operations. We pack and ship from here in CA. When you call, there is no "call center" to deal with and no secretary who takes your messages. It's Rob or Susan.

-- Robert and Susan Regan


I have looked into many companies that sell microfiber towels and purchased from a number of them to compare and contrast the value the microfiber towel provides in terms of quality and cost. In my view Towel Pros provides the best value to the consumer for the microfiber towels they sell. Couple that with some amazing customer service and a personal touch to stay in contact with their clients, you would be very hard pressed to find a better choice. Rob certainly goes the extra mile and it is no surprise to see more and more people recommending Towel Pros over others at a very reasonable (affordable) cost. Thanks Rob and Susan for providing such a great option in the maze of companies selling microfiber towels!
Pete Hanlon

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