TowelPros Microfiber microfiber towels

$4.70 each

The thicker version of the blue and red towel. It's a darker blue and has a black satin edge. This is a 500g towel! 16x24". 

$3 each

The newer orange with black satin edge. It's 380g and LARGE at 25x36". For those that do not prefer waffle weave for drying, this is the towel. It's 'on sale' on other sites for $12.99. I visit the factory and regularly see the competitions' orders. :) This is the SAME towel. Please save yourself some money IF you like these types. Each comes in its own plastic bag. 


Most popular! Blue with red satin edge. This is a 380g towel. Double loop so one side plush and other is lower nap. It's soft! 70/30 blend. Size: 16x24"

$2 each

Green with red edge and red with green edge. All three constructed the same and same price. 

TowelPros Microfiber microfiber towels

A close second in sales and catching... The VERY, bath like quality, soft EDGELESS and TAGLESS towel. This is a 450g and reminds me of shag carpeting. It's the towel that we now use with ONR in washing. Size is 16x16"

$2 each

White or Black? Both 16 x 16" and edgeless. Towels are 380g. Lower nap than the blue and red above. Comes with no tags as well. 12 to a pack. 

$1.40 each

Our Microfiber "fingers" Wash Mitt. Very soft! $8.99 on some sites. $4.70 each! Very light and fluffy. Has cuff, but most detailers seem to just put a hand on the top of one side.

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