A close second in sales and catching... The VERY, bath like quality, soft EDGELESS and TAGLESS towel. This is a 450g and reminds me of shag carpeting. It's the towel that we now use with ONR in washing. Size is 16x16"

$2 each

$4.70 each

The thicker version of the blue and red towel. It's a darker blue and has a black satin edge. This is a 500g towel! 16x24". 

$3 each

White or Black? Both 16 x 16" and edgeless. Towels are 380g. Lower nap than the blue and red above. Comes with no tags as well. 12 to a pack. 

$1.40 each

Our Microfiber "fingers" Wash Mitt. Very soft! $8.99 on some sites. $4.70 each! Very light and fluffy. Has cuff, but most detailers seem to just put a hand on the top of one side.

Most popular! Blue with red satin edge. This is a 380g towel. Double loop so one side plush and other is lower nap. It's soft! 70/30 blend. Size: 16x24"

$2 each

Green with red edge and red with green edge. All three constructed the same and same price. 

towelpros microfiber auto detailing towels
TowelPros Microfiber microfiber towels

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TowelPros Microfiber microfiber towels