towelpros microfiber auto detailing towels
TowelPros Microfiber microfiber towels

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TowelPros Microfiber microfiber towels

Towelpros Waffle Weave Drying Towels

The TowelPros waffle weave drying towel is a blue 20x40" waffle weave towel and it's been a staple for years. We sell about 8,000 per year. A few online retailers stock this towel, but most sales are to home cleaners or auto detailers. For years, we sold them from $7-12 each. Last year, we decided to make it $5 each no matter the number purchased. 

$5 each

Our newer waffle weave GREY towel is smaller than its sister. It's 16x24" and does have a satin edge, which a lot of detailers prefer. It's a good glass towel, but it is not quite as soft as the blue so we always recommend the blue for paint. 

$2.70 each

I also wanted to send you a review of these towels since I have been using them for a couple years now.....I have tried about every towel on the market from ridiculously expensive to moderately priced before finding your towels. I have to say your towels hands down hold up and perform longer than any of them as long as you religiously use them as drying towels (as designed), wash them in a quality microfiber detergent and dry on low heat setting. I won't use another drying towel as long as I am detailing and would recommend them to anybody that is looking for a quality long lasting drying towel! Thank you for your great product!

Mike Thielbar
Ultimate Reflexions 
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