TowelPros Microfiber microfiber towels

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TowelPros Microfiber microfiber towels


5" Drill Attached Carpet Brushes. One of the quickest methods of brushing out carpet mats. Hold or clip mats upright and use these brushes to rid the mats of debris. Saves a ton of time when following with a vacuum and keeps heavier materials from entering your vacuum's filter, hose, etc. Also, a productive method to pretreat carpet with your favorite carpet cleaner.

--Green bristle brush. Great for wheels! Softens as it gets wet. Our newer green brush has softer tips and comes with a new handle. Same size, but softer! 

----$5 each

--Cream Brush in middle sold out.

--Boar's Hair Dusting Brush. This is a 9" handled brush. Mostly used for interior dusting, or applying dressing to tight areas. Great to use around control knobs while vacuuming. Some detailers use these to apply dressings to interior areas around control knobs and even a 2nd brush to use when cleaning hard to reach areas on wheels. 

----$3.20 each

Auto detailing brushes online store, carpet brushes, drill attached carpet brushes

$7.00 each

A Horse Hair Upholstery Brush. Softer than nylon and other bristle types. Long enough to get into about every crevice. Safe for just about any interior cleaning. 


‚Äč5" Carpet Brush that attaches to your DA (loop/velcro backed). 1" bristles. A great fiber/carpet brush for mats and carpets.